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Location of the spPowerPivot.msi

Ever tried to find that spPowerPivot.msi file on the SQL Server 2012 installation media with SP1 included? Just to be able to start the PowerPivot configuration whereever and whenever you want… this blog post is a reminder for myself that it still exist on the media and where it is. I have and found it here: […]

PowerPivot Configuration Tool error: Current Analysis Services account… Analysis Services service account must be the same for all instances…

When trying to run the PowerPivot Configuration Tool for SQL Server 2012 SP1 with SharePoint 2010 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 server, have you ever seen this error? “Current Analysis Services account: DOMAIN\account Analysis Services service account must be the same for instances in the farm. Change you service properties to log on using account: NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL […]

Installing the new add-ins “PowerPivot for Excel 2013” and “PowerView in Excel 2013”

At first I thought I had to download and install a new preview-install-file. But not! Happy to say, but new to me, was that it was already there and all done through Excel 2013. Step 1: In Excel 2013 I pressed FILE in the menu and selected “Options”. Step 2: Then I selected the Add-Ins tab, chose […]

Configuring PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 Preview

After having installed the SQL Server PowerPivot 2012 to SharePoint 2010 I thought there problably would not be any big news in this slightly updated version. But installing the all new version of PowerPivot showed me wrong as seen among the last images, there is now an option to add more PowerPivot servers to an […]