SharePoint 2013 Excel Services: Error when changing Locale without an Office Server 2013 Language Pack installed

This post is mostly for Swedes but would also apply to all non-English implementations of SharePoint 2013 without an Office Server 2013 Language Pack installed.


In one of my Customer’s implementations of SharePoint 2013, the Customer wanted to have Swedish styled dates and currencies, by that demand a simple change would suffice for the site in question. By changing the Locale in Site Settings->(Under the heading Site Administration) click Regional Settings. See both pictures below of how this is done.



But, I found a very disturbing bug when trying to change the Locale of a SharePoint 2013 site (and yes, I know I’ve not installed the Swedish language pack yet). In the picture below you can see what happens when rendering an Excel Services workbook (viewed through the browser). This occurs when you have a chart in the worksheet.



Something about the Excel chart requires the Language Pack to be installed prior to changing the Locale of a SharePoint 2013 site.

What to do?

For non-MSDN subscribers: Nothing to do but to wait for the Language Pack.

For MSDN subscribers: Download the Language Pack referenced below.


Since the Office Server 2013 Language Packs haven’t been made publicly available, you can only get the Language Packs if you’re a MSDN subscriber.

Download the Office Server 2013 Language Pack Swedish here:

I only have one question to this: Why don’t Microsoft release the Office Server Language Packs at the same time as they release the Office Server products?

Hopefully this helps you to avoid changing Locale before installing any Language Pack.


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  1. Emelie K · · Reply

    Ett mycket intressant inlägg! Har du någon erfarenhet om det är någon bug i My Site för det svenska språket? Alla egenskaper översätts tyvärr inte. Det står exempelvis “office”. Däremot är alla andra AD-egenskaper översatta till svenska.

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