Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingObjectModel

As the title says I had a slight problem with one of my configurations. This  was regarding the Reporting Services Service Application in SharePoint 2013 Preview. Below I’ll describe what I did. The error message when running a SharePoint integrated SSRS report as seen in the browser:

Searching the ULSViewer I found the same error but it doesn’t give me much help:

But as it says in the error message there is some account that is Access Denied… hmm… I wonder which one of all the accounts I’m using….

Searching through my configurations I found the RS Execution account:

So since this was the one and only service account that was new in my configuration it obviously led me to believe that this was the problem. I disabled the execution account by unchecking the checkbox and pressing ok:

And voilà the RS Service Application is configured correctly with respect to my environment 🙂 (As seen in my “very” existing report below)

Another way of going about this would have been to set the permissions correctly for the RS execution account 🙂

A positive side-effect was that during my troubleshooting I found out that my SPNs wasn’t set correctly for my new SP2013 server, so now Kerberos constrained delegation works beautifully 🙂


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  1. Great post, thanks. that worked for me too.

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