Installing SharePoint 2013 Preview

Step 1: Install the pre-requisites, running the prerequisitesinstaller.exe on the installation media.

Step 2: Read the Welcome screen (if you like) and then press next.

Step 3: Accept the License Agreement and press next.

Step 4: Watch the progressbar as it slowly fills up…

Step 5: As the pre-requisites has finished, there are still some steps to carry out. But only after you have done a restart.

Step 6: After the restart, the following error appeared. Hmm… the conclusion is to start it manually instead.

Step 7: Watch another progressbar fill up, while the server configures the server roles, AppFabric, and more…

Step 8: Now the installation of the Pre-requisites actually is finished. Press finish!

Step 9: Start the setup (Setup.exe) from the installation media.

Step 10: Hmm… got this screen directly when starting the setup, so another restart was actually required.

Step 11: After the last restart I started the setup (again) and entered the Product Key and pressed continue.

Step 12: I accepted the terms and pressed continue.

Step 13: The server type to chose is “Complete” and I left the File Locations to their default values.

Step 14: Watch the Installation Progress (or go have a coffee)…

Step 15: I decided to run the Configuration Wizard (which I normally never do, but just to see if anything had changed => It had not…).

Step 16: When the wizard starts, click Next and confirm that it can restart any services needed.

Step 17: Choose to create a new server farm.

Step 18: Fill in the values needed (I had my SQL Server 2012 on a separate server).

Step 22: Finish the configuration by clicking “Finish”.

Step 23: Just for the heck of it and because this is a preview I chose to participate in the CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program).

Step 24: I (again) decided to run the wizard to configure (almost) all the services offered. Lotus Connector, PowerPivot and Reporting Services were not configured through this wizard.

Step 25: The services choices that can be made…

Step 26: Wait while SharePoint is “Working on it…” 🙂

Step 27: Review your choices and click next to complete the Farm Configuration Wizard.

Step 28: I added a managed path “demo”) and next I create the Site Collection BI on the Web Application on port 80.

Step 29: After I pressed ok, I get the same old confirmation screen that it finished and I also get the link to my newly created Site Collection.

Step 30: And this is how my new root Site of the BI Site Collection looks like, un-configured and un-touched.

That’s it, only 30 steps away you now have you can also have your new SharePoint 2013 Preview setup and running. 🙂


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  1. Björn · · Reply

    This guide really saved my life!

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